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The goal for basic education is to support pupils’ growth toward humanity and ethically responsible membership of society and to provide them with the knowledge and skills needed in life. Basic education is aimed for each age group in its entirety, and education is provided free of charge.

Basic education is organized and the distribution of lesson hours is carried out according to regulations in the Finnish Basic Education Act and the Finnish Basic Education Decree, respectively. They state a national core curriculum, which includes objectives and core contents of different subjects. Educational contents and the practical work at schools are directed by The national core curriculum for basic education given out by the Finnish National Agency for Education in 2014, as well as local curricula formulated on the basis of the national core curriculum.

The municipality of Sipoo has several schools for class years 1–6, as well as one school (Sipoonlahden koulu) housing classes 1–9. All schools in Sipoo implement an anti-bullying program called KiVa.

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Families to all children who are to be enrolled at school in Sipoo will get instructions on how to enrol via Wilma. If you do not have a user name and password for Wilma in Sipoo, or if you're experiencing problems with them, please contact the Wilma help desk: wilma.helpdesk@sipoo.fi.

If your child has not been registered in Sipoo, but wishes to enrol at a school in Sipoo, the guardian has to enrol the child through the My Services. Select "Education" and then "School Enrolment of Pupils Moving into Sipoo".


Basic information and legislation

Basic education is education delivered in accordance to a curriculum that supports the pupils’ growth as human beings and members of society and teaches them the knowledge and skills they need. It confers every pupil the same eligibility for upper secondary education.

Compulsory education applies to children who are permanent residents in Finland in the year in which they turn seven years old. Compulsory education ends when the children have completed the basic education syllabus or ten years have passed since they started in compulsory education. The period of compulsory education may be extended due to a disability or illness. Adults may complete the basic education syllabus for example at a general upper secondary school for adults, a folk high school or an adult education centre.

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