Kungsvägens skola

Kungsvägens skola is a comprehensive school for all Swedish-speaking pupils in Sipoo attending grades 7–9. The school language is Swedish. The school is located in the new Nikkilän Sydän campus building together with the Finnish-speaking Sipoonjoen koulu.

We have approximately 360 pupils and some 35 teachers. The school has a total of 14 basic education groups, and five smaller education groups. We also provide education in Swedish for three language immersion classes. As far as municipal educational administration is concerned, these language immersion pupils in grades 7–9 belong to education services provided in Finnish. We also provide flexible basic education and have classes for pupils in need of special support. The length of our lessons is 75 minutes. The goal with this arrangement is to improve the pupils’ learning environment and to give them more peaceful working conditions.

Kungsvägens skola has an active student association and enthusiastic peer mentors. We are consciously striving to improve the school’s working environment, for example by putting emphasis on information technology and differentiation of our teaching methods, thus being able to support our pupils in their learning and growth. Emphasis is also put on staff wellbeing and cooperation with our Finnish-speaking neighbour school.

All schools in the municipality of Sipoo use versatile working methods and teaching aids. Schools encourage the children to express themselves in a positive way, and to take responsibility for themselves and their surroundings. Schools take part in both national and international development projects. All schools in the municipality value peaceful, quiet and safe working conditions, innovative thinking, and an ecologically friendly way of life. Together with the children and the entire school staff, we promote these values every day. The school applies an antibullying program called KivaKoulu.

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Patricia Nevanko, principal

+358 401680216


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Iso Kylätie 12, 04130 Sipoo