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Right next to the capital area, Sipoo is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Finland. In the active, bilingual municipality, the potential work force is very well educated and the entire business spectrum of the capital area is just a stone’s throw away.

Sipoo offers its entrepreneurs excellent networking possibilities, potential for international business in a seaside location within the bustling business area of the capital city. Our flexible municipal organisation and easy to tailor and personal services help pave the road for new entrepreneurs and their success stories.

Business Counselling Free of charge

The Municipality of Sipoo offers counselling for entrepreneurs and people who are interested to become entrepreneurs. The service is provided in cooperation with Keski-Uudenmaan Kehittämiskeskus (Keuke).

Keukes services

Contact Business Sipoo

Your business’ advocate in Sipoo is the Business Sipoo network with its experts, who help you and other entrepreneurs and business owners to expand, develop and refine your business activity. Business Sipoo aims to supply entrepreneurs and business owners with the best possible grounds for succesful business management in Sipoo.

Our Team

Head of Economic Development Katri Roivainen
+358 40 191 4465

Contact Ms. Roivainen if you are interested in:

  • buying a lot for your business on municipal land
  • expanding your business (employment matters, business locations)
  • municipal marketing
  • cooperation with the Municipality of Sipoo
  • development of the municipality


Business coordinator

Contact if your are interested in:

  • newsletters
  • events hosted by Business Sipoo
  • visibility in the network of Business Sipoo and its website
  • cooperation between municipality and entrepreneurs
  • development of business and travel and tourism services


E-mail adresses for municipality officials are
Please refrain from sending classified personal information by e-mail.

Information for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are an important part of the development of a municipality. The Municipality of Sipoo provides help in starting and developping a business, establishing it in the municipality and cooperating with local businesses actively. We regularily arrange business owner and entrepreneur meetings and work together for bilateral attendance at fairs and offer opportunities to mutual marketing.

Business Sipoo program

Sipoo’s aim is to make entrepreneurship easy in Sipoo. The Municipal Council has agreed on a new business programme for Sipoo on August 21st, 2018. The business program is in effect between 2018 and 2023.

Business Sipoo program 2018-2023 in a nutshell

  • Specialised areas for different kinds of businesses – both industrial and service sectors
  • Excellent logistics and locations for growth and development
  • It is easy to establish a business in Sipoo and make it profitable
  • Even better connections in the future (development of railway connection to Nikkilä)
  • At least 100 new businesses in Sipoo between 2018-2023
  • At least 1 large corporation (500 employees or yearly sales over € 200 million) has chosen to establish its functions in Sipoo
  • Development of infrastructure at marine locations (new piers, services for both commercial and tourist seafarers)
  • Augmentation by 25 precent within the travel and tourism industry
  • The key development areas for travel and tourism are the archipelago, the Sipoonkorpi National Park and Sipoo’s unique location
  • The forest, the sea and the archipelago are Sipoo’s fortes
  • The bilingual municipality has highly educated workforce
  • Yearly growth in prosperity is up to +5 percent
  • Sipoo is service-mindedopen-minded and innovative

Helsinki Ring of Industry

Sipoo is a part of the international investment marketing team Helsinki Ring of Industry with the other municipalities around the greater Helsinki area. Check out the Helsinki Ring of Industry.