Jokipuiston koulu

Jokipuisto school is situated not far from Nikkilä centre, in the beautiful and park-like Jokipuisto region. School provides basic education for children in grades 1–6. The school language is Finnish.

Jokipuisto school has a total of 201 pupils.

The school building used to be a hospital and was renovated for school use in 2003. The school has a separate gym building that also houses the school’s classrooms for music, visual arts and textile crafts classes. The school gym (280 square metres) can be booked by municipal inhabitants and associations.

All schools in the municipality of Sipoo use versatile working methods and teaching aids. Schools encourage the children to express themselves in a positive way, and to take responsibility for themselves and their surroundings. The schools take part in national and international development projects. All schools in the municipality value peaceful, quiet and safe working conditions, innovative thinking, and an ecologically friendly way of life. We promote these values every day in cooperation with the children and the entire staff. The school applies an antibullying program called KivaKoulu.

Contact information

E-mail address


Anna-Leena Juntunen, principal

+358 504630689

Satu Kupsanen, skolsekreterare

+358 503628990


Visiting information

Pilvilinnantie 7, 04130 Sipoo