Nikkilän Sydän

The Nikkilän Sydän campus is being build in phases. The first phase was completed in the autumn of year 2016. Under one roof and in the surrounding campus area, you will find two schools close together with various culture, sports and leisure time activities and meeting places. In other words, this new cultural centre is a place of possibilities. As far as schools are concerned, the campus can provide the best possible resources to produce high-quality education. Thanks to the modifiability of the premises, new kinds of learning environments can also be tested.

Both the Finnish-speaking Sipoonjoen koulu and the Swedish-speaking Kungsvägens skola have their premises in the building.

When seen from the above, the Nikkilän Sydän building looks like a star. Common activities are organized in the centre of the building, and the two schools have their own premises in the points of the star. The building is designed by the Finnish architecture agency ARK-house arkkitehdit Oy.

Visiting information

Iso Kylätie 12, 04130 Sipoo