Contact information

Municipality service locations

Municipality of Sipoo

Lukkarinmäentie 2
(Sipoo municipal hall Kuntala)
PO Box 7
04130 Sipoo

IT department: Entrance via door D.

SipooInfo Nikkilä

Pohjoinen Koulutie 2
(Customer service location next to Nikkilä library)
04130 Sipoo

SipooInfo Söderkulla

Amiraalintie 2
(Customer service location)
01150 Söderkulla

Telephone numbers

Switchboard +358 9 23531
Fax +358 9 2353 6209

E-mail addresses

Please do not use e-mail to submit confidential or personal information.

The contact information of the personnel and the service channels can be found in connection with the services.