Environment and Animals

Sipoo has versatile and beautiful nature areas: the archipelago is stupendous, and the municipality is rich with forests and boasts with over 50 nature reserves. In more densely populated areas, the living environment is kept attractive thanks to parks and green areas. Sipoo has over 60 hectares of these green patches. In addition, the municipality brings joy to the inhabitants by planting summer flowers every year. Two of the municipal green areas are entirely reserved for dogs only. During the winter season, it’s also possible to “walk” one’s dog while skiing on the municipal dog ski tracks. Next-door greenery and nature values are a matter of honour for Sipoo. The municipality is committed to organizing municipal service according to the goals of sustainable development.

The municipal Environmental Control Unit takes care of environmental protection and nature conservation within the municipal area. The unit is also responsible for environmental status supervision and research and for environment-related guidance and counselling. The Environmental Control Unit also acts as an environmental protection officer, for example granting environmental permits and licenses and carrying out inspections and supervision.