Salpar skola

Salpar school has three teachers and approximately 50 pupils in grades 1– 6. The school also houses a preschool for some 10 pupils. The school language is Swedish. In addition to the teachers, our staff consists also of one part-time teacher and one special needs assistant. Salpar school is located in Kalkkiranta in the south-eastern part of Sipoo.

The school is very near to the sea. Our goal is to promote the health of all our pupils and staff. We create opportunities for a good and safe learning environment of high quality by seeing all our pupils as individuals and supporting them. The nature surrounding us is a valuable resource for school work, and we use it actively during the entire school year. Our everyday work gets more colourful thanks to theme days and joint projects combining different teaching subjects. We also work in groups consisting of children at various ages.

All schools in the municipality of Sipoo use versatile working methods and teaching aids. Schools encourage the children to express themselves in a positive way, and to take responsibility for themselves and their surroundings. Schools take part in both national and international development projects. All schools in the municipality value peaceful, quiet and safe working conditions, innovative thinking, and an ecologically friendly way of life. Together with the children and the entire school staff, we promote these values every day. The school applies an antibullying program called KivaKoulu.

Contact information

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Kasper Nyberg, principal

+358 401914451


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Salparintie 11, 01180 Kalkkiranta