Sipoonjoen yhtenäiskoulu

Sipoonjoen yhtenäiskoulu is a comprehensive school with some 340 pupils in grades 1 and 7–9. Education is provided in Finnish, and the school also provides an option for language immersion in grades 7–9. The school is located in Nikkilä at the Nikkilän Sydän campus, where it shares a building with the Swedish-speaking Kungsvägens skola.

The campus has a gym (405 square meters) that can be booked by municipal inhabitants and associations. The gym can be used to play for example volleyball, basketball and badminton.

The length of our lessons is 75 minutes. The school also has one class for flexible basic education (JOPO), and a few special classes. The school applies an antibullying program called KivaKoulu.

Our pupils have several ways of influencing their school work. Some examples of these are our peer student and students’ union activities, and a system for peer mediation called verso. A student representative is also present at our teacher’s meetings.

All schools in the municipality of Sipoo use versatile working methods and teaching aids. Schools encourage the children to express themselves in a positive way, and to take responsibility for themselves and their surroundings. The schools take part in national and international development projects. All schools in the municipality of Sipoo value peaceful, quiet and safe working conditions, innovative thinking, and an ecologically friendly way of life. We promote these values every day in cooperation with the children and the entire staff.

Contact information

E-mail address


Liisa Juga, principal

+358 401914467

Tarja Vesala, School secretary

+358 406358493

Marja Jokinen-Laine, study advisor for 9th grade

+358 401940851

Auri Kailokari, Study advisor for grade 7 and 8

+358 401825049


Visiting information

Iso Kylätie 12, 04130 Sipoo