Streets and Green Areas

Building roads and street maintenance have an important impact on residential satisfaction and service accessibility. Well-functioning connections and public transport services facilitate the inhabitant’s everyday life. In Sipoo, there are a total of some 980 kilometres (appr. 610 miles) of roads. Of these, the municipality is responsible for the maintenance of some 75 km. In addition, there are 220 km of common roads and 685 km of private roads.

Each year, the municipality of Sipoo plants come 2,000 summer flowers and several types of seasonal plants such as heathers and bulbous plants to provide joy for the inhabitants. Parks and other green areas are an essential part of a pleasant urban area. There are over 60 hectares of parks and green areas in Sipoo. The municipality takes good care of park cleanliness and park safety.

During the winter months, our most important tasks are snow plowing and road sanding. These are carried out by our own personnel and equipment, and by independent contractors. The Parks and Green Areas Unit also installs municipal seasonal decoration lights. The maintenance of street areas includes maintenance of bus shelters and traffic signs.

Picture: Emil Widlund