Club Activities in Schools

Club activities in schools are important for the pupils. Children taking part in the activities are guided in becoming members of the society, and receive support in their social growth and inclusion. Club activities boost the pupils’ self esteem, help them to form their identities, and support them in recognizing their individual talents. This motivates the pupils in their school work, which in turn improves their school well-being. Successes and failures in a safe environment will help children and young people to enrich their growth and develop a positive self-image.

School club activities are carried out with the help of funding granted by the Finnish National Agency for Education. The goal is to organize so called short term clubs for children of different ages. Led by teachers, the clubs have 3–6 meetings in total. Club themes are determined according to both pupils’ and teachers’ wishes.

For more information about club activities at a specific school, contact the school in question directly.

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