There are a total of 15 educational establishments providing basic education in the municipality of Sipoo: eight Swedish speaking and four Finnish speaking primary schools; one Swedish speaking and one Finnish speaking lower secondary school; and one Finnish speaking comprehensive school. In the beginning of the school year 2016–2017, the Nikkilän Sydän school centre began its activities. Both Finnish speaking and Swedish speaking lower secondary schools in the municipality carry out their studies in the same building called Nikkilän Sydän (Heart of Nikkilä).

Basic education given in Finnish:

  • Jokipuiston koulu (luokat 1–6)
  • Leppätien koulu (language immersion, classes 1–6)
  • Lukkarin koulu (classes 1–6)
  • Talman koulu (classes 1–6)
  • Sipoonlahden koulu (classes 1–9)
  • Sipoonjoen koulu (classes 7–9)

Basic education given in Swedish:

  • Borgby skola (classes 1–6)
  • Boxby skola (classes 1–6 + preschool)
  • Gumbostrands skola (classes 1–6 + preschool)
  • Kyrkoby skola (classes 1–6)
  • Norra Paipis skola (classes 1–6)
  • Salpar skola (classes 1–6 + preschool)
  • Söderkulla skola (classes 1–6)
  • Södra Paipis skola (classes 1–6)
  • Kungsvägens skola (classes 7–9)

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