Public Art

Art gives increased value and creates an attractive living environment

Environments of high visual quality and buildings that look interesting make the municipality more attractive. When art is implemented extensively, the whole municipality gets a facelift, creating a positive upturn both for tourism and the municipal reputation outwards.

Art creates well-being and a more pleasant environment. With art placed in buildings and their yards, parks, squares and other public places, the inhabitants have an opportunity to enjoy art on a daily basis. These works of art are selected by experts and give the buildings an unique nature unlike others, thus increasing their economic value.

Use or art in public places will also enhance artists’ possibilities to find work, and strengthens the dynamism of Finnish visual arts.

Works of art can be pictures, photographs, voice art, sculptures, plant beds, or for example a water element. The works can be separate and individual, but also fixed parts of a building, the colour scheme in some facility, a new way of handling concrete constructions, or a surface finishing designed as a work of art using for example wood, ceramic tiles, plastic or metal. Details in buildings can also be regarded as works of art.

The goal with these works of art is to primarily present art of today, and to support living visual artists currently active in their profession.

Public Works of Art in Nikkilä

There are several public works of art in Nikkilä in Sipoo. No entrance fees are carried out for visiting them. These works of art are for everyone, and they are located within a walking distance from one other.

Do the following

You’ll find more information about them at the Sipoo website. Just hop on a bus or car and make a short road-trip to visit them on location!