Work of Art Spiritus Lux

Spiritus Lux is a work of art made by the artist Stefan Lindfors. Situated in Jokilaakso in Sipoo, the sculpture is accessible for all and may be admired freely.

“Spiritus Lux is a work of art that has travelled though human history and the world – over mountains, and across land and sea. Now, this sailing vessel has come to a stop in Finland, in Nikkilä. The wing of Spiritus Lux shows the direction of the wind, illuminating the surroundings when it’s dark outside and simultaneously reminding us of how life goes on,” says the artist Stefan Lindfors.

The chassis of the work is made of welded steel. The sail made of welded steel wire mesh and see-through fibreglass rotates freely with the wind. The sculpture is 8 metres high, with a ground circumference of 4.5 metres.

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Uudensillantie 24, 04130 Sipoo

In the Jokilaakso, within walking distance of Uudensillantie, opposite Juhlatalo.