Work of Art "Ajasta I/II" (Of Time I/II)

Public art in the Nikkilä area has been complemented by a new work in Sipoo. Sculptor Ville Mäkikoskela's artwork Ajasta I/II (Of Time I/II) has found its place in the Jokilaakso residential area in Sipoo. The sculpture is accessible for all and may be admired freely.

The sculpture is located in the Kompassiaukio Circle, and one part of the sculpture is situated outside the paved area. This is a two–part work of art, using naturally rounded stones. Of Time I consists of a paved circle and Of Time II is a naturally rounded boulder.

In the words of sculptor Ville Mäkikoskela: "Of Time I/II is a paired work that deals with time, the passage of time, that small shift between this and that, from here to eternity. The paired work transports us to the future, as well as into the distant past, to the traces of Stone Age people found on site: to the way humans structure and order nature, while being part of it themselves."

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Uudensillantie 24, 04130 Sipoo

In the Jokilaakso area, within walking distance of Uudensillantie and opposite Juhlatalo.