Work of Art Ajasta I/II (Of Time I/II)

A new work of art has been added to the public art collection in Nikkilä in Sipoo. The sculptor Ville Mäkikoskela’s work of art Ajasta I/II (Of Time I/II) has found its place in the Jokilaakso residential area in Sipoo. The sculpture is accessible for all and may be admired freely.

The sculpture is situated in the Kompassiaukio circle. One part of the work of art lies outside the paved stones. The sculpture is constructed of two parts, made of natural stones that have gradually been polished round over a long time. The first part, called Ajasta I, is a circle made of paved natural stones. The second part, Ajasta II, consists of one bigger round-shaped stone.

“The pair Ajasta I/II discusses time and how it passes by – this fleeing time, represented in minute changes occurring between now and then, for ever and ever. Our thoughts are carried not only to the future, but also to times long past, to the tracks of a stone-age man once found on this very spot. We think of mankind, how we outline and arrange the nature while being a part of it ourselves,” says the sculptor Ville Mäkikoskela.

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Uudensillantie 24, 04130 Sipoo

In the Jokilaakso area, within walking distance of Uudensillantie and opposite Juhlatalo.