The Arava house next to Nikkilä Library was painted with a striking mural in September 2017. The mural painted by Rustam QBic and covering the entire house was a part of the UPEA17 urban art festival. Rustam QBic is a Russian artist who gets his inspiration from the nature and fairy tales. This is clearly present also in the Aravatalo mural painting.

Fitting the mural colours and style with the environment was the leading idea behind the Aravatalo mural. The goal was to ensure that the work of art will match the Nikkilä atmosphere. The mural continues from one side of the building to another, giving the main road Iso Kylätie a splash of colour and bringing out the special character of the place. Aravatalo was painted in its entirety, which made the house one of the leading projects of the UPEA17 festival.

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