Language Immersion

Language immersion is defined as a language learning model where the children adapt a new language by using it in natural contexts and meaningful situations. In Sipoo, language immersion is available in Swedish. Language immersion day care centres use the language coherently in all everyday activities. Thus, language immersion is provided for children who speak Finnish as their mother tongue.

There are two language immersion day care centres in Sipoo. Leppätie kielikylpypäiväkoti is located in northern Sipoo, and Metsätie kielikylpypäiväkoti in southern Sipoo. Language immersion preschool education is organized at Metsärinteen kielikylpyesiopetus and at Leppätie kielikylpyesiopetus.

Do the following

Applications for a place in language immersion are to be filed during the year when the child turns four (4). The annual application period is in March. Each year, a presentation event about language immersion is also organized before the application period starts. The event is open for all interested in the activities.

For more information about applying for an ECEC place, please contact the placement coordinators responsible for northern Sipoo and southern Sipoo, respectively.

To whom and on what terms

It is required that guardians of children who are granted a place in one of the language immersion day care centres speak Finnish as their mother tongue. However, one of the guardians may have some other language as their mother tongue, if the children speak Finnish as their mother tongue, and the family uses Finnish at home.

Language immersion day care is subject to a charge, and the fees carried out for it are the same as in other models of municipal ECEC services. The fees are determined on the basis of the family size and income, and on the amount of hours the child spends at the day care facility.