Leppätien kielikylpypäiväkoti

Leppätien kielikylpypäiväkoti is a language immersion day care centre located in Nikkilä.

Our day care centre is a small one with two units. We provide education and care in Swedish for Finnish-speaking children. The children adapt the foreign language through practical experience by using it in everyday situations.

Leppätien kielikylpypäiväkoti will during school year 2022-2023 function in temporary premises, in the Nikkilä area.

Service hours

Monday06:30 - 17:00
Tuesday06:30 - 17:00
Wednesday06:30 - 17:00
Thursday06:30 - 17:00
Friday06:30 - 17:00

Contact information


Björnungen age 3-4

+358 504135379

Tvättbjörnen age 4-5

+358 504135364


Visiting information

Pohjoinen Koulutie 3 B, 04130 Sipoo