Metsärinteen kielikylpyesiopetus

Metsärinteen kielikylpyesiopetus provides preschool education and supplementary early education and care for 6-year-old children for one year before the compulsory education begins. The unit provides language immersion preschool education in Swedish for Finnish-speaking 6-year-olds who have previously attended language immersion day care. The preschool is adjacent to the Metsärinne Language Immersion Day Care Centre in southern Sipoo.

School year 2022-2023 will start in Metsärinteen kielikylpyesiopetus' new facilities at Söderkullan koulutie 7. In connection with kielikylpykoulu Miili's unit.

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Söderkullan koulutie 7, 01150 Söderkulla