Outdoor Activities

Enjoy peaceful nature in the Sipoonkorpi national park, the most forested forest in Finland. Take a dip in a lake, or spend a beautiful day island-hopping in the archipelago.

Go fishing or skiing – or both! Play a game of disc golf with your pals, or let the wind whistle in your ears while racing down the hill. In Sipoo, you have a multitude of options to enjoy nature, both for exercise and for recreation.

If you like to hike and move in the outdoors, pick mushrooms or berries, pick up a municipality map from the Municipality Information Center SipooInfo.

Orienteering maps are available through the MOBO service for your smartphone. There are currently 3 different MOBO maps available for Sipoo.

Workout stairs and Outdoor Gym

Feel like running stairs? There is a brilliant set of fitness stairs in Söderkulla. You can reach the Workout stairs from the jogging course parking lot. Next to the jogging course there is also a free to use Outdoor Gym.

Sipoonkorpi National Park

The Sipoonkorpi National Park is like the nature of Uusimaa area in miniature. A variety of different terrains welcome you for recreation and enjoyment of nature’s calm right next to the bustling capital area.

Recreational Areas in The Archipelago

The Municipality of Sipoo has recreational areas at the islands of
Abborholmen, Furuholmen, Östholmen,
Vilstrand at Söderkullalandet island,
Möholmen and Bastuholmen islands
and an area at Norrkullalandet island.

Information: Municipality of Sipoo, tel. +358 9 2353 7005.