Angling and ice fishing are free of charge.

Angling with a hook and line, ice-fishing and herring fishing with a rig are exempt from licenses under public rights of access.

  • All fishers aged 18–64 have to pay a fishing management fee when lure fishing or trolling. In practice, lure fishing is defined as fishing using one rod, reel and lure, or trolling, respectively. Lure fishers aged 18–64 need to pay a fisheries management fee. The license gives you right to fish with one rod at a time.
  • In other words, lure fishers aged under 18 or over 65 years may fish free of charge, if they use just one rod.
  • For other fishing methods, such as nets, long-lines and fyke net fishing (also crayfishing), and for fishing with more than one rod, 18–64-year-old fishers need to pay the fishing management fee as well as have permission by the water owner.

Please note that all fishing methods are forbidden at the municipality of Sipoo public beaches.

Do the following

Fisheries management fee

You can pay the fisheries management fee

  • online at Erä,
  • using Metsähallitus Eräluvat app on your mobile phone,
  • by calling the service number, or
  • by visiting a R-kioski.

Please make sure to have the receipt of your paid fisheries management fee and your eventual other licenses at hand when you’re fishing. If your right to fish free of charge is dependent on your age, you must be able to produce for example an ID card showing your date of birth.

Permission of the water owner

The municipality of Sipoo does not sell fishing permits to municipal water areas, as they are very limited.

In order to find out who owns a specific water area, you need the property identifier for the area. Information of the owner can then be acquired from the National Land Survey of Finland, or NLS (Maanmittauslaitos, MML) using the property identifier.

To whom and on what terms

Fishing supervision

Fisheries protection officers supervise that fishing is carried out according to applicable orders and regulations. Supervision is applied to minimum catch sizes, protection periods and areas, as well as the construction or use of certain fishing equipment. The protection officer will also control that all fishers have paid the fisheries management fee and eventual other fees, when these are necessary. In addition to actual fisheries protection officers, also officers of the police, the Border Guard Service, the Finnish Forest and Park Service (Metsähallitus), Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY-keskus), and the Finnish Customs have the right to control your licenses.