Workout Stairs

Workout stairs offer everyone an opportunity to exercise at a low threshold. The goal is to encourage everyone regardless of age and fitness level to exercise. At the same time, the stairs also pose a more demanding challenge to fitness enthusiasts.

The stairs are made of wood, and they are 2 metres (appr. 6 ft 5 inches) wide. They are divided into two stages. The first stage is 38 metres (125 ft) long, with a climb angle of approximately 30%. The height difference is 12 metres (nearly 40 ft), and the first stage counts a total of 81 steps. The two stages of the stairs are separated by a some 30 metres (98 ft) long, nearly flat track of sand stone. This track has also a connection to a longer fitness trail. Nearby, one will also find outdoors training equipment that was recently renewed.

The second stage of the stairs has a climb angle of 21%, leading the user approximately 45 metres (some 148 ft) up the hill. Counted from the stone track, the height difference of this latter part is some 10 metres (33 ft), including 69 steps. All in all and including the starting platform, the stairs have a total of 170 steps.

Intelligent Lighting and User Analytics

The stairs are equipped with an intelligent lighting system controlled by both a dusk switch and a motion sensor. The system switches the lights on at dusk, and off at dawn. The lighting is also turned down if the system does not detect any motion in the stairs. The luminosity level is again increased whenever the system detects someone approaching the stairs, and the stairs stay lighted for a specified time.

The motion sensor also acts as a calculator, collecting information about how many times the sensor is passed and saving it at a digital portal. The information collected is updated on the site once a year.

The stairs are not in use during the winter months. They are not plowed or otherwise maintained during the winter, and the lighting system is not in use.

Please remember this when using the stairs:

  • The stairs may be used during snow-free months.
  • The stairs are not plowed or otherwise maintained during the winter.
  • The lighting system is disconnected during the winter.
  • The stairs may be slippery!
  • Please do not use shoes with metal studs in the stairs. If you use walking poles, please make sure to cover their spikes with rubber shields.
  • Please do not walk your dog in the stairs.
  • Sledging down the stairs or the hill is forbidden.
  • Please remember to warm up before exercising in the stairs!

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