Ski Tracks

The municipality of Sipoo maintains public ski tracks in Söderkulla, Nikkilä, Talma and the eastern Jokipuisto residential area.


Lighted ski tracks: 2 km, 2.7 km and 4 km. There is also one non-lighted track (6 km).


Lighted tracks 1.2 km and 3.1 km. There are also several non-lighted ski tracks. Their length varies between 5 and 16 kilometres (approximately 3 to 10 miles) according to the route you choose.

Söderkulla workout stairs are not in use during the winter season.

Eastern Jokipuisto

Lighted fitness trail 1.1 km

Western Sipoo

Talma lighted fitness trail 1.0 km, Talma ski tracks 9 km.

Northern Sipoo

Lighted fitness trail in northern Paippinen 1.0 km, ski track in northern Paippinen 1.5 km, Linnanpelto tracks 20 km.

Southern Sipoo

Träskberga lighted fitness trail 1.1 km, Immersby track (non-lighted) 2.6 km.

Lamps along the lighted tracks are switched on at 6 a.m., and off at 10 p.m.

Please note that it’s forbidden to walk, ride horses or walk dogs on public ski tracks.

Do the following

The location of the ski tracks and their condition can be checked at the online service ArcGis (available in Finnish). ArcGis includes information about weather conditions and maintenance of the ski tracks.