The Archipelago

Shimmering blue waters, smooth and warm rocks at the sea and delicacies from the beach kiosk. Sipoo has a wide archipelago with several recreational areas, free for anyone to use. Enjoy a picnic by a fireplace, paddle to a sandy beach on a hot day, let the sun warm your face onboard a SUP board or catch a fish from the clear waters.

You can enjoy the archipelago also without a boat of your own. You can reach the archipelago conveniently by ferry, with the BOUT ride app, by a rented kayak or on a jetski.

Destinations in the archipelago

There are several recreational areas in the Sipoo archipelago, which can be freely used by everyone. These areas all have basic services, such as fireplaces to prepare your own grilled delicacies, seating groups to sit down and enjoy as well as clean and tidy dry toilets. Below you can find a short presentation about our best destinations.

You can check out the location of the destinations from the Archipelago Map.

The Sipoo archipelago welcomes you to enjoy!


The most popular destination in the Sipoo archipelago can be reached by a ferry free of charge! Pörtö Line’s ferries service the island from the mainland up to four times a day!

60°14’06 N        25°22’05 E


Wonderful smooth beach rocks and a natural sandy beach invite you to relax! Located just next to mainland port of Kalkkiranta, Möholmen is easy to reach and smaller boats can be tugged directly on the beach sand.

60°24’12 N        25°36’49 E

Vilstrand, Söderkullalandet

The destination closest to the mainland among Municipality of Sipoo’s open recreational areas can easily be reached by rowing boat or paddling from nearby Gumbostrand harbour!

60°24’69 N        25°29’85 E


Östholmen in the outer archipelago is a versatile island to visit and the journey over open seas can be an adventure in itself. In addition to basic services, Östholmen also boasts a sheltered sandy beach and a children’s playground.

60°21’99 N        25°28’48 E


The gem of the outer archipelago amazes with its rugged natural beauty. Thanks to the sheltered harbour, visiting the island is possible also in higher seas.

60°21’21 N        25°28’72 E


Simsalö is one of the most important centers in the Sipoo archipelago with all kinds of cultural acitivites, including concerts and handicraft and art exhibitions. Around twenty families still live all-year-around on Simsalö.

60°23’71 N        25°29’04 E

Services in the archipelago

There is a lot to choose from, when it comes to services in the archipelago of Sipoo. Would you fancy a good meal on a beach terrace, a chilled drink in a outdoor hottub or smooth warmth of a sauna bath with seaview? How would it sound like to wake up to the seawaves and enjoying a refreshing morning bath from a silky sandy beach? Whether you are travelling by yourself, seeking for a destination to share with your loved one, among family or friends, the archipelago of Sipoo will enchant you!



Villa Seasong and rental cabins

The Seasong travellers’ center offers unique accommodation at the island of Norrkullalandet!
Up to 20 persons can sleep in Villa Seasong and there are additionally 3 cabins for rent that can accomodate up to 8 persons. Each cabin is equipped with a private sauna.
01150 Söderkulla


60°13,94 N        25°21,65 E



Private persons and companies can provide accommodation service through the Airbnb service for travellers.

Within the limits of the Municipality of Sipoo and its immediate vicinity, there are nearly 400 different options ranging from luxury seaside villas to more rustique private b&b options.


Dig in to delicacies

Café Seasong

Summer café with full alcohol license and seaside terrace with amazing views


60°13,94 N
25°21,65 E


Port Side Trattoria

A genuine Italian restaurant with a seaside terrace


60°25,93 N
25°23,43 E


Gumbostrand Konst & Form Bistro

Art center with gallery and restaurant in a seafront milieu


60°25,82 N
25°30,34 E


Gumbo Kiosk

Grill kiosk offering delicious burgers and also a small range of grocery products. Open throughout the year


60°25,66 N
25°29,56 E


På Krogen

Relaxed summer restaurant with exquisite food and live music performances during the summer


60°25,58 N
25°39,15 E


Enjoy and experience

The archipelago of Sipoo offers a wide range of activities. Whether your cup of tea is to swoosh through the island scenery in a speedboat, catch a large pike perch among the seaweed in a bay or enjoy a sailing experience in the outer archipelago, the area’s service providers will meet your demands, be they best suited for couples, families or work communities.

Enjoy a summerbreeze onboard a SUP board in Sipoonranta, paddle in a kayak from the Sipoo river to the sea or pop in for a handicraft exhibition at Simsalö island school. Sign up for a yoga retreat on an island, grab an ex tempore ride to an island destination using the BOUT app and pick up a ready made picnic bag on the way. Or hire a local professional boat driver as your guide and enjoy a little different sightseeing trip through all the seaside restaurants in the area. The range of services with different kinds of activity options will certainly make your visit just that more special. So let yourself be pampered and serviced and experience the archipelago of Sipoo just like you want it!

Learn more about activities

Transportation to and in the archipelago

You don’t need your own boat to enjoy the archipelago of Sipoo! The ferry service takes you free of charge according to its schedules for a first peak at the beautiful archipelago. If you want to get a better glimpse at the archipelago, you can conveniently book a ride with the Bout app whenever you feel like it.

Below you can find also all other transportation service providers in the Sipoo archipelago. If you wish, you can also choose a carbon neutral operator.

Ferry service

Free of charge daily ferry service from Kalkkiranta harbour to Norrkullalandet island. Also other routes available by pre-booking.

Bout boat ride service

Order your private boat ride conveniently using the app or through the webb page, whenever you want.

Archipelago service Stefan Svaetichin

Welcome to visit the beautiful archipelago onboard our traditional archipelago motorboat Ludde or our quicker option, Jossu II. We can take you for a spin in the outer archipelago and transport passengers and goods according to your schedule wishes.

Towing and cabin maintenance service also available.

Inquiries: Tel. +358 400 476 904

Granö Sea Transport

Person transports at the sea.

Inquiries: Tel. +358 40 550 9824


There are several harbours and marinas along the coast of Sipoo. Many of these are also reachable with public transport by Helsinki Regional Traffic (HSL) buses. From Kalkkiranta there is a daily ferry connection to destinations in the archipelagos of Sipoo and Porvoo and some ferry connections are available also in Gumbostrand marina when pre-booking.

All Sipoo’s harbours are also serviced by the BOUT ride service or other taxi bout service providers in the area.

Click the name of the harbour to see its location on the map.

Archipelago Map

Activities in the Archipelago

Fanny Speed Fishing Boat

Wooden fishing boat Fanny from Sipoo is the Gulf of Finland’s fastest fishing boat. Come for an unforgettable journey with captain Fridde onboard Fanny and experience the joy of speed!

Inquiries: Tel. +358 40 561 0823

Sibbe and Joensuun Tila

Rent a kayak, small rowing boat or a SUP board.

Inquiries at Joensuun Tila travel center

Joensuun Raitti 58, Söderkulla

Sipoonranta Sup

Come to Sipoonranta and rent a SUP board!

Inquiries: Tel. +358 400 555 5618