Dog Parks

Three of the Sipoo park and garden areas are reserved for dogs only. In these dog parks with a fence, dogs may run and play freely under the supervision of their owners. In Nikkilä, the dog park is situated at Lukkarinmäenpolku. In Söderkulla, you will find the parks at Torpanmäki and at the address Taasjärventie 38.

The municipality of Sipoo cooperates with TiksPac AB and other local entrepreneurs, providing the inhabitants with dog poop bags free of charge. The eco-friendly bags are available at 20 different locations all around Sipoo.

There are ten dog poop bag stations in and around Nikkilä. There are also ten stations in southern Sipoo. Check the exact locations of the stations in the enclosed map links.

The municipality of Sipoo fills the stations with new bags regularly. Please notify a SipooInfo service point if you notice that one of the stations is empty.

Free dog poop bags is one of Sipoo’s ways of making the surrounding neighbourhood cleaner. Sustainable development is implemented in all green spaces in the municipality of Sipoo. The goal is to make the neighbourhood pleasant, safe and diverse, and to provide versatile services for all inhabitants of Sipoo.