The Lakes of Sipoo

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Kristian Meurman

Taasjärvi – an oasis amidst urban environments

Picture: Kristian Meurman

Lake Taasjärvi beach pier.

Right next to Söderkulla center, just a stone’s throw away from major retail shops, the beautiful oasis of Taasjärvi lake can be found. Easily accessible by car, it’s also close to the nearest bus stops. Söderkulla area recreational routes circle Taasjärvi and make it thus very accessible by bicycle also from a little bit farther away.

The soft sandy beach features a sturdy pier that is perfect for jumping in the cool lake water. Actually, there are two beaches, the smaller one with its smaller pier is popular among recreational swimmers and winter bathers, while the bigger one with its L shaped pier gives good shelter for big and small splashers alike to enjoy a hot summer day. Changing cabinets and a dry toilet are available at the beach, as well as a beach volleyball court. Although no real services are provided right at the beach, Söderkulla center with its shops, cafés and restaurants are close enough to be reached on foot.

AddressClosest parking: Corner of Talvikintie and Kielokuja (Söderkulla), in the south: Taasjärventie 40.
Type of beach: Sandy beach with surrounding grass fields, big sturdy pier and smaller recreational swimmers’ pier.
Services: Dry toilet, changing cabinets, beach volleyball court.
Parking: Free of charge (4 h), restricted number of parking spots.
How to get here: On foot (approx. 15 min) from Söderkulla center, on bicycle through Söderkulla recreational paths, by bus: closest bus stops in Söderkulla, by car.
Accessibility: Accessible by wheelchair, dry toilet not accessible.

Pilvijärvi – The Lake Garda of Sipoo

Picture: Kristian Meurman

Swimming pier and sandy beach of Pilvijärvi lake.

To get to the true whole family’s summer paradise, Pilvijärvi, you take the main road Söderkullantie, that runs between Söderkulla and Nikkilä. Like the lake Taasjärvi, Pilvijärvi is close to Söderkulla, just north of Hansas village, but it is easily accessible also from Nikkilä by bicycle. There is plenty of paying parking and if you plan to visit several times during the summer, it’s recommendable to buy a seasonal parking ticket that is vehicle specific.

The sandy beach is large with vast green grass areas around it. The area features toilet facilities, barbecue sites and a summer kiosk. It is also convenient to take a swim from the big pier. Plenty of space for games and playing, although during high season Pilvijärvi is for obvious reasons quite popular.

Address: Pilvijärventie 40.
Type of beach: Sandy beach, big pier.
Services: Toilets (also wheelchair accessible), dressing rooms, children’s playground, swings by the water, barbecue site (2 fire pits) with firewood available, tables and benches, summer café (open during school holidays daily from 10.15 am to 7 pm, except during Midsummer weekend from 10:15 am to 5 pm). The beach is open between 10 am and 8 pm, access to the beach area is restricted outside opening hours. Circulating supervisor / guard on site.
Parking: Paying parking 5 € / time or 30 € / season (vehicle specific permit), mopeds and motorcycles 2 € / time.
How to get here: By bicycle or walking along Söderkulla recreational routes (approx. 6 km from Söderkulla center), buses 841, 841B and 841N, closest bus stops on Söderkullantie (Pilvijärventie bus stop), by car.
Accessibility: Accessible by wheelchair when assisted (rather steep path downhill from parking lot to beach).

Fiskträsket – a wilderness lake in the middle of the National Forest

Picture: Kristian Meurman

Lake Fiskträsket in Sipoonkorpi National Park.

Close to Restaurant Tila, the wilderness style lake Fiskträsket is nowadays accessible to a much wider public thanks to the new Hop-on Hop-off coach service. The lake can be reached on foot through the beautiful dense wild forest in about 40 minutes from Bakunkärr parking lot, whereas the slightly shorter return on the Fiskträsket round route takes approximately half an hour.  There is a spring in the bottom of the lake with crystal clear water and thus it remains cooling even on the hottest of summer days. Several small currents run from the lake towards the middle parts of eastern Sipoonkorpi National Park and its marsh areas. There are a few benches with tables, but it is just as lovely to spread the picnic blanket on the smooth rock. Setting up a fire is not permitted in the area, so guests are encouraged to bring cold food with them and preparing the coffee in their thermos bottles in advance.

Restaurant Tila is less than 1000 meters away and restaurant customers can have a refreshing swim before enjoying their food – or fill their coffee thermos for a small fee at the restaurant and enjoy coffee after lunch after a small walk by the lakeside.

About half a kilometer (500 meters) away the smaller lake Abborträsket is situated, also reachable by path.

Address: Knutersintie 421 (Bakunkärr, parking) / Knutersintie 262 (Restaurant Tila).
Type of beach: Natural state beach.
Services: Benches and tables, Restaurant Tila (open Tuesday to Saturday) 900 m from the lake.
Parking: Bakunkärret parking lot a little over 2 kilometers away. Restaurant Tila’s customer parking space 900 meters away.
How to get here: By Hop-on Hop-off bus service either to Korvenportti (Restaurant Tila) stop or Bakunkärr bus stop, by car.
Accessibility: No accessible road, forest paths and narrow plank bridges.

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