Sipoonkorpi Hop-on Hop-off bus service

Sipoonkorpi Hop-On Hop-Off bus service continues in 2023. 

Sipoonkorpi National Park is easily and ecologically accessible also this summer with the Sipoonkorpi Hop-On Hop-Off bus. The bus will run on summer weekends between 13 May and 1 October 2023 and will stop at more stops than before.

The service will again be implemented in cooperation with Taksikuljetus Oy. This year, the Hop-On Hop-Off bus to Sipoonkorpi National Park will be jointly marketed by Helsinki, Vantaa and Sipoo.

Welcome to enjoy the peace of Sipoonkorpi sustainably with the Hop-On Hop-Off ride!

Picture: Vantaan kaupunki, Hele Teutari

Schedule and route 2023

The Sipoonkorpi Hop-On Hop-Off bus offers a convenient and easy transportation to all hikers and nature lovers to Sipoonkorpi National Park from 13 May to 1 October 2023. The bus goes around Sipoonkorpi National Park on Saturdays and Sundays, stopping in Tikkurila, Nikkilä, Mellunmäki and fifteen other stops along the way.

The route is run by a low-floor bus. The bus can accommodate four strollers at once. The dogs are welcomed to the bus.

The responsible operator for the route is Taksikuljetus Oy. Sipoonkorpi Hop-On Hop-Off is part of the co-operation between the municipality of Sipoo and the city of Vantaa and the city of Helsinki.

Jump aboard and come to enjoy the nature of Sipoonkorpi, Finlands most forested forest!

The bus operates from 13 May to 1 October 2023 every Saturday and Sunday as follows:

The route map of Sipoonkorpi hop-on hop-off bus.

Round 1

09:00 Tikkurilan matkakeskus
(Tikkurila Travel Centre)
09:04 Lummetie
09:07 Malmimäki
09:13 Koivukylän asema
(Koivukylä station)
09:15 Kytötie
09:21 Kuusijärvi
09:31 Byabäcken
09:36 Prästbackantie
09:41 Sipoon vanha kirkko
(Old Church of Sipoo)

09:45 Nikkilän kirjasto
(Nikkilä library)
09:47 Sipoon vanha kirkko
(Old Church of Sipoo)
09:52 Prästbackantie
09:59 Korvenportti
10:02 Bakunkärr
10:04 Knutersin pysäköintialue
(Knuters parking area)
10:11 Östersundom K-Market

10:20 Mellunmäen metroasema
(Mellunmäki metro station)
10:29 Östersundom K-market
10:36 Knutersin pysäköintialue
(Knuters parking area)
10:39 Bakunkärr
10:41 Korvenportti
10:48 Prästbackantie
10:53 Sipoon vanha kirkko
(Old Church of Sipoo)

11:05 Nikkilän kirjasto
(Nikkilä library)
11:07 Sipoon vanha kirkko
(Old Church of Sipoo)
11:12 Prästbackantie
11:17 Byabäcken
11:27 Kuusijärvi
11:33 Kytötie
11:35 Koivukylän asema
(Koivukylä station)
11:41 Malmimäki
11:45 Minttutie
11:50 Tikkurilan matkakeskus
(Tikkurila Travel Centre)

Round 2

13:00 Tikkurilan matkakeskus
(Tikkurila Travel Centre)
13:04 Lummetie
13:07 Malmimäki
13:13 Koivukylän asema
(Koivukylä station)
13:15 Kytötie
13:21 Kuusijärvi
13:31 Byabäcken
13:36 Prästbackantie
13:41 Sipoon vanha kirkko
(Old Church of Sipoo)

13:45 Nikkilän kirjasto
(Nikkilä library)
13:47 Sipoon vanha kirkko
(Old Church of Sipoo)
13:52 Prästbackantie
13:59 Korvenportti
14:02 Bakunkärr
14:04 Knutersin pysäköintialue
(Knuters parking area)
14:11 Östersundom K-Market

14:20 Mellunmäen metroasema
(Mellunmäki metro station)
14:29 Östersundom K-market
14:36 Knutersin pysäköintialue
(Knuters parking area)
14:39 Bakunkärr
14:41 Korvenportti
14:48 Prästbackantie
14:53 Sipoon vanha kirkko
(Old Church of Sipoo)

14:55 Nikkilän kirjasto
(Nikkilä library)
14:57 Sipoon vanha kirkko
(Old Church of Sipoo)
15:02 Prästbackantie
15:07 Byabäcken
15:17 Kuusijärvi
15:23 Kytötie
15:25 Koivukylän asema
(Koivukylä station)
15:31 Malmimäki
15:35 Minttutie
15:40 Tikkurilan matkakeskus
(Tikkurila Travel Centre)

Round 3

15:50 Tikkurilan matkakeskus
(Tikkurila Travel Centre)
15:54 Lummetie
15:57 Malmimäki
16:03 Koivukylän asema
(Koivukylä station)
16:05 Kytötie
16:11 Kuusijärvi
16:21 Byabäcken
16:26 Prästbackantie
16:31 Sipoon vanha kirkko
(Old Church of Sipoo)

16:35 Nikkilän kirjasto
(Nikkilä library)
16:37 Sipoon vanha kirkko
(Old Church of Sipoo)
16:42 Prästbackantie)
16:49 Korvenportti
16:52 Bakunkärr
16:54 Knutersin pysäköintialue
(Knuters parking area)
17:01 Östersundom K-Market
17:10 Mellunmäen metroasema
(Mellunmäki metro station)

Round 3 of the bus service ends in Mellunmäki. The times are estimates.

In nationalpark, the bus stops along the road in the immediate vicinity of the car parking areas.




Link to HSL Route planner: Hop-on-off buss timetable


Prices 2023

Single tickets:

Adult ticket 3€ / trip.
Children under 7 years travel for free.

Day tickets:

Adult ticket 5€.
Children under 7 years travel for free.

Payment is made to the driver. If possible, please use cash and pay with the exact amount. We also accept card payment.

Tips for hiking in Sipoonkorpi

With the Sipoonkorpi Hop-on Hop-off bus, you can also do one-way hikes in Sipoonkorpi. How about breakfast at Lake Kuusijärvi and lunch at Restaurant Tila in Knuters in Sipoo after a relaxing forest hike? Read more about Sipoonkorpi on the pages of the Finnish Forest and Park Service.

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