Service Coordination for the Unemployed

Sipoo Employment Services provide guidance for people who are unemployed or at risk of losing their jobs. The guidance provided covers issues concerning job and studying. These include for example questions about working ability and additional training. We will inform you about services available to you, and tell you how you can receive them.

Do the following

For further guidance and an appointment, please contact by phone or email.

To whom and on what terms

The service is meant for people who are unemployed or at risk of losing their jobs. You have to live in Sipoo in order to receive the services in Sipoo.

Basic information and legislation

In the service counselling for the unemployed, counsellors provide guidance on matters related to health and social services. These include issues related to the person’s health, work ability and rehabilitation. The counsellors explain what services are available, how they can be applied for, and what preconditions there are for accessing them. If necessary, they can also provide guidance in applying for and combining financial aids.

The counsellors do not make any service-related decisions. The TE Office is responsible for providing advice on job-seeking and training. The service is intended for unemployed people and those threatened by unemployment.