On-Call Veterinary Services

On-call veterinary services for small animals in Sipoo are provided by the City of Vantaa, and for large animals by the City of Porvoo. During office hours, you will find veterinary services in Nikkilä.

Do the following

If you require urgent veterinary care outside office hours, please call the telephone service (subject to a charge).

On-call veterinarians will leave a message at their telephone answering machine if they are currently visiting a patient. Please do not dictate messages to the appointment number answering service. If you are unable to reach the on-call veterinarian, you may leave a message at the automatic answering machine on their mobile phone number.

Please make sure to include the following in your message: your name, telephone number, what kind of animal needs treatment and why. The vet will contact you immediately after listening to your message.

Basic information and legislation

Urgent veterinary care outside office hours is provided by municipalities as part of emergency veterinary services. A veterinary emergency service may be shared by several municipalities.

Small animals are usually taken to the veterinarian but treatment for large animals is provided in the place where they are kept.

The emergency service may be provided by the municipality or it may be outsourced to a private service provider.