Notification to the Rescue Department Concerning a Fire Safety or Accident Risk

If you notice yourself, or otherwise become aware of an imminent fire safety or other accident risk in a building, apartment or other place, you must notify the regional Rescue Department. In Sipoo, the notification is made to the Eastern Uusimaa Emergency Services Department.

An imminent fire risk is caused for example by excessive amounts of waste material or other objects collected in an apartment. They could feed an eventual fire and make it spread faster than usual. Fire risks are imminent also if you detect signs of already extinguished fires in the apartment, such as scorching marks on the floor, or partially burnt textiles. It may be necessary to notify the Emergency Services Department also if you’re aware that the person already has caused some danger to him- or herself or to others.

Do the following

File in a notification on the Eastern Uusimaa Emergency Services Department website. In an emergency, call the general emergency number by dialling 112.

Basic information and legislation

If a dwelling or property is in a risk of a fire or other accident, authorities and the employees of a municipality or other public community are obliged to submit a fire risk notification to the rescue department. Others are not required by law to submit a notification, but it is advisable.

The notification must be submitted without delay. Secrecy provisions do not prevent the notifying. The notification can also be made anonymously.

The notification must reveal which factor in the dwelling or resident causes concern of a risk of a fire or accident. For example, the observation can concern the dwelling’s structure, fire alarms, stove, heating, burn marks, smoking or use of substances.

In urgent cases, please call the emergency number 112.