Culture and Arts

Sipoo has been inhabited since the stone age and permanent residences date back to at least the 7th century AD. In the 2020’s, Sipoo is a vivid culture municipality with great pride in its roots, but consantly evolving. Feet firmly on the ground and look into the future.

The scenery of former Nikkilä Mental Hospital

The big Helsinki Mental Asylum in Sipoo was a location, where the most difficult and ill patients were dispatched. Many lived here for years, some throughout the remainder of their lives. The hospital functions were laid down in 1999, but the culturally historically important hospital hill is still accessible. It is today possible to dwell in the beautiful Jugend style scenery, along the paths where thousands and thousands of patients have walked.

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The Churches of Sipoo

Sipoo is a peculiar municipality in the sense that right outside central Nikkilä there are not one but two beautiful churches.

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Art and Culture Sights worth seeing

Sipoo is an important center for arts, where many famous Finnish and international artist have resided. Several art galleries can be found in the municipality and in addition central Nikkilä boasts a variety of beautiful outdoor art, visible and accessible to everyone. An example worth mentioning is the pictured work by internationally renowed artist Stefan Lindfors, Spiritus Lux., that can be found in the Jokilaakso area.

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