The Old and New Churches

The Old and New Churches in Sipoo are situated only a few hundred meters from each others and create together a unique cultural landscape.

The Old Church, Saint Sigfrid’s Church, was built in the mid fifteenth century. The medieval greystone church is a very popular wedding church in the summer and is also used for services during summer. The name of the designer is unknown, but he is often referred to as the Master of Pernaja. Its architecture differs from the other medieval stone churches in Finland, as its altar end is built in three section, whereas the rest of the church is divided in two sections.

The medieval atmosphere can be very well experienced in the Old Church. The walls and walts are decorated in paintings from the 15th century, made using earth pigment and charcoal colouring. In the church hall there is also a pillory and in the arms room (entrance) there is a set of stocks. These date from the 17th and 18th century.

The New Church, or Sipoo Church, is designed by Theodor Decker and is stylewise a new gothic red brick church. It was built, when the old church grew too small for the growing congregation in the 19th century. The church was baptised for use in 1885. The church is used both by the Sipoo Finnish and Sipoo Swedish congregations.

Sipoo Old Church
Brobölentie 68
Open during summer for visits daily.
For more information, please contact the Finnish congregation of Sipoo:
Tel. +358 9 239 1525 or by e-mail

Sipoo Church (New Church)
Kuninkaantie 19
Open for visits by appointment only.