Vocational training

Keuda provides vocational education and training (VET) leading to various vocational upper secondary qualifications. The studies are directed to young people who have completed their compulsory education (peruskoulu). The study language in Sipoo is Finnish. In Keuda Sipoo, you can choose to study business (vocational qualification in business), information and communications technology (service supporter, software developer, ICT technician, electronics assembler), or electrical engineering and automation technology (electrician, automation assembler). All the above mentioned qualifications are basic degree level, and they are taught in Finnish.

You can apply to VET studies carried out in Swedish in Porvoo or Helsinki. Some Keuda campuses can also provide certain VET studies in English.

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Basic information and legislation

Vocational education and training refers to vocational upper secondary education and training and vocational further education and training that lead to a qualification. Vocational upper secondary education and training leading to a qualification is intended for young people and adults.

In addition to their educational institution, students in vocational education and training acquire competence at the workplace and in online learning environments. Each student studies according to their own study plan and individual leaning needs. On-the-job learning is supported for example with apprenticeships. Application and completion of studies is flexible and studies can be completed in a shorter time than previously. Young people and adults are provided the same education and training services. Vocational education and training provide students with the competence and skills they need to apply for higher education studies.

Vocational education and training is provided by municipalities, joint municipal authorities, organisations, foundations or state enterprises that have an authorisation granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture.