Vehicle Relocation

The municipality of Sipoo has the right to relocate vehicles on municipality property when:

  • the vehicle has been parked on the road in violation of applicable rules,
  • the parked vehicle causes an obstruction that impedes road maintenance, reparation or construction,
  • the vehicle has been abandoned.

The municipality has the right to move cars and other vehicles left on private land or on public areas. The vehicles are relocated on the property owner’s or occupier’s duly justified request. In these cases, the owner/occupier of the land area must fill in a form to request relocation of an abandoned vehicle from private land. The person requesting relocation is responsible for paying the relocation fee, which the municipality takes out according to an applicable service rate.

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Decisions on relocation of vehicles:

  • Vehicles relocated to the store area must be redeemed and removed within one (1) month from the notice of relocation, or public notice. Failing to do so, or if it on some other grounds is evident that the owners have abandoned their right to the vehicle, the vehicle becomes municipal property.
  • The vehicle owner is considered to have been informed of the relocation either on the date of the acknowledgment of receipt/signing of decision, or, when the owner is not known or can not be reached, seven days from the date when the public notice was published on the municipality noticeboard.
  • Persons dissatisfied with the notice of relocation have the right to submit an appeal against it in writing within 30 days from the date of receipt of service.

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