Three Family Day Care

Three-family day care is a child day care system where the care group consists of four children from one or more families. The care is provided at the family homes. In three-family day care, the children are taken care of by a family day carer or a care provider hired by the families. The care is provided in the family homes, either just one home or alternately at different homes according to agreement. The homes have to be suitable for day care at home.

Three-family day care is currently not available in Sipoo. However, it can be arranged by hiring a private day carer with the help of private day care allowance.

To whom and on what terms

Early childhood education may be given to a child who has not reached the age of compulsory education.

Day care may also be given to a child who has already reached the age of compulsory education, if special circumstances so require and care cannot be otherwise arranged.

Basic information and legislation

Early childhood education and care for a child under the school age may also be provided as so-called three-family day care. The group may consist of the children in 2 to 4 families. A municipal family carer looks after the children in their homes in alternate weeks according to what the families have arranged. The homes must be suitable for this purpose. The maximum group size is four children under the school age. The group may have one additional child who goes to pre-primary education or school and needs part-time care.

The family in whose home the children are cared for is responsible for buying food for the group and making other advance preparations. The food costs are reimbursed by the municipality.