Summer Jobs

Picture: Suvi Suovaara

Working in Sipoo during the summer months will give you a vantage position in an innovative environment, and interesting tasks in a service-oriented atmosphere.

The municipality hires summer workers for example for taking care of parks and green spaces and cleaning. Jobs for the oncoming summer season are announced in February at the municipal website. Applications for municipal summer jobs are filled in online via the Kuntarekry website.


We have adverticed summerjob till parks and cleaning and Sports and fitness services, the application period has ended. Most of the summerjobs are now filled.

You can find info about summer jobs and possible new job announcements in


Summerjobs in Kuntarekry

Sipoo Municipality summer jobs and high school interns.


Do the following

If you have any questions about how to apply for a summer job, please contact the Ohjaamo services in Sipoo.

Our summerjobs in Kuntarekry

Sipoo municipality summer jobs

Sipoo municipality summerjobs in Kuntarekry