Subsidised Employment

Subsidised employment is a system for persons who because of an injury, illness, rehabilitation or other reasons need special support from the municipality to find a job.

The purpose of work supported by pay subsidy is to enhance your professional competence and functional abilities, thus helping you find work in the open labour market. You will meet with a social worker to review your life situation, thoughts and hopes for the future, especially regarding employment and finding a job. When needed, you will also get support in rehabilitation, assessment of your work ability, finding a study place or applying for a pension.

Do the following

You may contact the services, or be directed to them, via social and health care services or via Employment and Economic Development Offices (TE Office).

To whom and on what terms

The service is meant for persons who are long-term unemployed, or in risk of being long-term unemployed. It is also required that the person is actively seeking for a job.

Basic information and legislation

Social welfare clients can receive assistance in finding employment if they require special support due to their disability, illness, ongoing rehabilitation or some other reason. The assistance can be provided in the form of, for example, counselling or job opportunities.

Information on subsidy opportunities is available from your local social services. The aim is to help the client access paid employment.