Senior high school for adults

Senior high school for adults, or upper secondary school for adults, is aimed for adult persons who wish to take the Finnish lukio degree (approximately equivalent to high school/upper secondary school degree), or to study one or more of the taught subjects separately.

Senior high school for adults is unfortunately not available in Sipoo. Geographically, the nearest schools to offer courses for adults are situated in Porvoo and Helsinki, respectively. Although some courses may be taught in English, most of the education is carried out either in Finnish or in Swedish. In Porvoo, senior high school for adults is available only in Finnish.

Basic information and legislation

Adults who wish to complete the entire general upper secondary school syllabus or individual subjects can participate in general upper secondary education for adults. You can study in a general upper secondary school for adults and work at the same time.

You can also finish your general upper secondary studies or improve your grades. The knowledge and skills that you have already acquired will be considered if they are in accordance with the contents of the syllabus.

The general upper secondary education syllabus consists of 88 credits. Taking the matriculation examination makes you eligible to study in a higher education institution (universities and universities of applied sciences).

An organisation that provides general upper secondary education requires a permit issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture. General upper secondary education for adults is provided by municipalities, joint municipal authorities and some other education providers, such as community colleges.