Self-service library

Everyone who has a Helle library card and a four digit PIN code can use the self-service library.

In the library you can check out and return items using the self-serve machines, pick up reservations, read and use the computers.

The self-serve machines guide you through the check out and return process. Reservations are available for pick up on the reservation shelf in alphabetical order according to the reservation code.

Do the following

If you don't have a PIN code, you have to personally visit the library in order to get one.

To log in to the library:

  1. Read your library card's barcode in the barcode reader. These readers are located inside the elevator and on the second floor, outside the library's door.
  2. Enter your four digit PIN code using the number keys.
  3. When your code is accepted, you can use the self-service library. At this point, the door is unlocked momentarily and the second floor is accessible by the elevator.

To whom and on what terms

In order to use the self-service library you need a four digit PIN code. You can get a PIN code from any Helle library.

Patrons of the self-service library log in to the system and the library is monitored by security cameras. Everyone who enters must log in. Children accompanied with adults do not have to log in.

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