Rescue Animal Services

Stray cats and dogs are to be caught and delivered to an animal shelter.

Rescue dogs in Sipoo and Porvoo are taken care of Kungsbacka Domestic Animal Farm. Stray cats and other small animals are taken care of by Porvoon kissatalo Animal Shelter.

Do the following

Please call the animal shelter before you visit the premises to deliver an animal.

Basic information and legislation

A dog, a cat or another small pet or animal kept for recreational purposes found at large and impounded may be brought to the municipal animal shelter or an animal shelter jointly run by numerous municipalities for temporary care. The municipality will keep the impounded animal for a minimum of 15 days. After this period, the municipal animal shelter has the right to sell the animal, put it up for adoption or put the animal down.

A wild animal that has been cared for because of an illness or an injury must be released if it can be expected to re-adapt to life in the wild without difficulty. If the animal cannot be released or its care otherwise arranged for, the animal must be put down.

The owner or the possessor of the animal may have to pay to cover the costs of impounding, caring for and possibly putting down the animal.