Recruiting Substitute Workers and Temporary Employees

Recruiting Substitute Workers and Temporary Employees

We are often on the lookout for substitute workers and temporary employees for our schools and ECEC facilities. Work periods can vary between just one day and several weeks, or months.

Day Care Personnel

We are looking for substitutes genuinely interested in temporary posts at our day-care centres. The work is temporary with variable working hours and employment duration, and may take place in both Finnish and Swedish speaking centres all over Sipoo.

We can mainly offer work as day care worker (caregiver/nanny) and day care assistant. Employment duration may vary from one day to several weeks. As a substitute, you have the possibility to choose which day care centres or preschools you wish to work in.

We appreciate previous experience as well as training/degree in working with children and youth, but you can also gain more experience in the field by working with us. We require that all substitutes working in our care centres must be of age (18 or older). They are also asked to present a current extract from the criminal record.

You can apply for substitute and temporary work via SarastiaRekry, which is now Tempore.


If you’re interested in temporary work at schools, please contact the school principal directly. Occasionally, schools may also offer temporary work in morning and afternoon activities, and require substitute special needs assistants.

How to apply:

Please fill in an application form at the Tempore site (previously SarastiaRekry)

Please make sure to mention which tasks and locations you are primarily interested in.

Do the following

Do you have any questions about temporary work? Please contact us at our recruitment.

You will find our open posts, permanent and longer fixed-term, at Kuntarekry site and at our website.