Online Communication

The online service is being updated as we speak. A new version of the online service was published in December 2020, with ongoing development of the services.

The municipality of Sipoo Communications Unit has the main responsibility for the municipal online service, as well as for the update and contents of the information published on the municipal website. Each municipal sector is responsible for their own website contents and for updating the information they publish.

Our goal is to keep the information published on our website as actual and flawless as possible. The municipality of Sipoo is not responsible for direct or indirect damage, costs or drawbacks caused by eventual misinformation published on the website, or by technical problems.

Cookie Policy online service collects cookies. Cookies are collected to follow up with and calculate website visits and other traffic. It is possible to disable the cookies. To do that, please check your browser settings. However, it is good to notice that cookies may be essential for some services to function properly.

The municipality uses the Siteimprove analytics tool, for example to collect and compile statistics on overall website visits, average time spent on the website, and the most popular subpages. The information is used to develop our online services. The municipality is not able to identify separate visitors on the basis of the information above.

Data Protection

For more information about how the online service processes personal information, please read the section under the title Data Protection.


Website accessibility means that the online service is designed so that all users regardless of their situation or possible functional limitations can use the service as effortless as possible.

Accessibility is especially important for example for people with some kind of disability, elderly people, or people suffering from cognitive problems. However, all users benefit from accessible web contents. Accessibility promotes equality.

When designing and implementing an accessible website, the following three areas are to be considered:

  • Technical implementation
  • Easy-to-use functions, and
  • Clear and easy-to-perceive contents.

Our accessibility statement is available at the online service

Do the following

You can give feedback regarding the website to the municipality of Sipoo anonymously by clicking the “I want to give feedback” button below on our site. If you wish to get a reply, please submit your feedback or questions via our online service My Services. The service requires identification.