Library meeting room

The libraries in Sipoo have in meeting rooms Nikkilä and Söderkulla. During the day the meeting rooms are used by the municipality of Sipoo.

Booking a meeting room is free of charge and the rooms can be used for non-profit events. The library reserves the right to change or cancel reservations.

Do the following

You can reserve the meeting rooms with the service Timmi. To reserve a meeting room you need to register to the service. The super administrator in the municipality will approve your username. After that you can reserve spaces.

This is how you reserve a meeting room:

  1. Choose Varauskalenteri
  2. Choose the space you want to reserve - Refresh the calendar
  3. Click on the calendar icon in the upper corner
  4. Move to the tab Ajankohta and choose a date by clicking on it. You can change the month by clicking on the arrows or with the drop down menu.
  5. Fill in the fields in the window as well as Varaustieto (for example the events name) and Luokittelu (practice, other event).
  6. Press on the green Luo hakemus-button to send it in to be processed.
  7. The program sends a notification to the booking agent. The personnel at the municipality will process the reservation application and send an email to the client.

Good to know: The reservation will not show up in the calendar immediately. This is because the personnel have to accept all reservations.