Job Vacancies and Recruitment

In Sipoo, the entire personnel may participate in development and improvement of municipal services and forms of activity. Development is based on high-quality, customer oriented services and a trailblazer attitude. When working at the municipality of Sipoo, you will have an opportunity to face new and interesting challenges, to participate in developing our growing municipality, to learn new things and to be trusted with more diverse tasks.

Development and renewal of practices of this magnitude is only possible thanks to our competent personnel, which is why we invest in job satisfaction and welfare of our workplace communities.

When you apply for an open post that interests you, you will also get a change to develop Sipoo with us.

Our recruitment process is agile. We want to give both parties a satisfying and rewarding experience. Our goal is to actively inform all parts of the recruitment process. You may also ask for a more detailed response on your application. We aim to fill our open positions with the best, most suitable experts. We are looking for persons who want to be a part of an organization that excels in serving our community.

All open positions at the municipality of Sipoo are announced at Kuntarekry and at this website. Please fill in your application at Kuntarekry. If you haven’t signed in on the website previously, you will be asked to register first. After creating a user name and choosing a password, you may sign in and fill in your application.

Do you have any questions on recruitment? Please contact us at

In the year 2019, we published a total of 270 job announcements. We also implemented anonymous recruitment on a trial basis.

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If you’re interested in working for the municipality of Sipoo, please leave in your application via Kuntarekry.

Any questions? Please contact us at