Individualized Syllabus

Pupils who, after receiving special support, still do not have the abilities to successfully complete the basic education syllabus in a teaching subject may get their syllabus individualized. Schools make the decision for each teaching subject in question separately. In these cases, the school defines the education objectives to match the child’s individual abilities. The objectives must still be challenging enough.

A pedagogic investigation into the pupil’s need for special support must be performed before the syllabus can be individualized. Schools assess the pupil’s need for individualized syllabus separately in each teaching subject.

To whom and on what terms

A pedagogical assessement of the pupil's school work, including an analysis on the need for special support, must be carried out before a decision on the individualisation of the syllabus can be made. Individualisation is also based on a psychologist’s statement.

Basic information and legislation

A basic education syllabus may be individualised if a pupil does not have the capabilities for acceptably completing the basic education syllabus in the subject. The learning objectives must be suitable and sufficiently challenging for the pupil.

The individualisation of a syllabus is prescribed separately for each subject in a decision on special support . The decision on individualisation will be examined in each situation and modified if necessary.