How to Participate in and Influence Municipal Decision Making

In Sipoo, you have the possibility to participate and influence municipal decision making not only by means of representative democracy, but also by more direct channels. In representative democracy, you have two possibilities to participate and influence. You can vote at the local elections, and you can run as a candidate yourself. You may also contact your own candidate directly to present an issue. In addition to representative democracy, the municipality of Sipoo will offer you new possibilities to participate and influence municipal decision making and communal activities.

According to the municipal strategy, it is easy to receive information, participate and influence in Sipoo. A formal agenda is published for each municipal representative body meeting. The agenda is a public document that contains all the information that will be debated at the next meeting. You can follow up with current issues by reading the agendas. The municipality also publishes e.g. press releases to inform the residents on plans and propositions, giving them an opportunity to react and comment on the matters and to influence the decision-making.

According to our strategy, we develop our services actively in cooperation with the inhabitants and our other clients. There are several participation channels, and it is also possible to participate directly in many ways.

Do the following

Inhabitants as well as communities and foundations active in the municipality have the right of initiative, that is, they may write initiatives on matters concerning municipal actions. A resident’s initiative is usually a suggestion of some kind of action, aimed at making an improvement in some matter. All local resident’s initiatives are processed appropriately.

You can always contact the municipal Info to pose a question, or to give feedback.