Fire Inspections

The department is responsible of emergency and rescue services in the municipalities in the Eastern parts of Uusimaa. Fire inspections and other authority supervision activities carried out by the Emergency Services Department are stated in the Department Supervision Plan.

The goal with supervision work is to improve the fire and emergency exit safety of existing buildings, to inform the public about safety issues, and to for example support municipal construction supervision units in their work.

In some cases, the owners or occupiers of a property can conduct an assessment of fire safety independently in their building. This is called a self-assessment of fire safety. Self-assessments are possible in buildings consisting of just one or two apartments. Each year, the Emergency Services Department sends letters containing a self-assessment form, a fire safety guide directed to one-family houses, and a return envelope to residents in certain areas. The self-assessment form has to be returned in the stamped envelope addressed to the Emergency Services Department within 30 days from receiving the letter.

Basic information and legislation

During the inspection visit, the fire inspector provides instructions and advice on fire safety, and a record of the inspection is drawn up.

Upon request, the owner, holder or operator of the property must provide the authorities with a rescue plan and other information on the fire and evacuation safety of the building.