Document and Information Services

Contact the Registry Office when you need information about pending municipal issues, their processing times and stages, and decisions made. The Registry Office records e.g. the following documents: initiatives to municipal authorities, complaints, appeals, requests for comments, comments, and requests for a statement or a report.

In the Registry Office, you will also get information about public notices currently on display for public inspection.

Do the following

You can request documents by e-mail, by telephone, by letter or by visiting the office in question.

You may contact Sipoo Document and Information Services either by email or by calling the municipality of Sipoo switchboard. We most often answer to questions concerning municipal council minutes, society documents and school report cards and certificates. The municipality of Sipoo archives are located in the municipal hall Kuntala.

Basic information and legislation

As a rule, all official activities and their documentation are public. This means that all official documents are public unless otherwise provided in the law. If a document is kept secret, the authority concerned must justify its decision not to make the document public. Moreover, every individual has mainly the right to access documents pertaining to themselves even if they were ordered to be kept secret by law.

The authorities must organise the documents administration so that citizens have easy access to the documents and the information contained in them. As part of the documents and information service, the documents administration keeps documents available to the public and assists in the use of the archives.