Art Lending Library

The Art Lending Library is an effortless and easy way of borrowing and purchasing art. The lending library has a comprehensive collection consisting of prints, paintings, drawings, sculptures, and art photography. The works are produced by 25 professional artists.

The Sipoo Art Lending Library has service locations at the Culture Centre Artborg 35 in Nikkilä, and in Söderkulla library.

Do the following

For a closer look at the works available, please visit the online gallery. Works can be reserved by contacting one of the Art Lending Library service locations.

To whom and on what terms

You may borrow the works for a small monthly fee, or buy them directly. If you choose to lend a piece of art, you will pay a monthly rent for it. When the rent paid exceeds the work’s price, it’s ownership will be transferred to you. In other words, there's no interest on the partial payments.

Payment details

The service is chargeable