Artborg 35

Artborg is a place where you can study music and visual arts, and visit art exhibitions. You can also hire a working space in Artborg, or lend a work of art in the Art Lending Library. Currently, Artborg is a genuine culture house: the upper floor of the building houses associations engaged in music and art (Musiikkiopisto and Taidekoulu, respectively), and the ground floor offers working spaces for artists, the art lending library, and the brand new art room Pesula that opened its doors in 2019.

Sipoon Taiteilijat ry. Sibbo Konstnärer rf. is an association for artists working in Sipoo. The association was grounded in 1993. The association hires work spaces in the Artborg 35 ground floor both for it’s own members and for various craftspersons. The building also houses a graphic arts workshop, meeting rooms and storage facilities. There are 10 tenants in the premises.

History of the Building

Both the laundry room and the linen storage were originally located in the kitchen building (building number 34). Thanks to this arrangement, the staff could swiftly move between the work stations, and it was easier to find replacements for absent workers. At times, the laundry staff and the linen storage staff also took care of each others’ tasks. The kitchen attic was home to both laundry and kitchen maids.

A new laundry designed by the architect Gunnar Taucher was completed in 1937. The new building got the number 35. However, the idea of a common laundry serving the entire town had been already launched. The hospital gave up it’s own laundry first in April 1976. From this date, the hospital transported its linen to Helsinki to be washed in the central laundry there. At the same time, the hospital sewing service and linen storage lost a great deal of their work, as the textiles were now taken care of by the central laundry. During the rest of the hospital period, the laundry building served as a central storage, and as workshop for the hospital painter and carpenter.

During the Helsinki Olympics summer 1952, the laundry at Nikkilä hospital took care of washing sent by the Olympic games accommodations office. The work was carried out with the consent of the Helsinki city council, and the laundry unit employed eight temporary workers to carry out the task.

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